Uncontaminated Prophecy

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3 June, 2014

English 1H #30843

Prof. Jeffery Wheeler

Uncontaminated Prophecy

Our first perspective and vision of the world around us should be the purist obtained but majority of the time this isn't the case. Many may be influenced to visualize what they have been coordinated to see and might not notice it; this has been a worldwide scuffle but precisely concerning art. We might think as we see a famous photograph or painting that we are capturing the true essence and representation of it for the reason given that there is already a template of what the art represents for instance in internet or brochures. Perhaps, one might do some research before entering an art museum for a better understanding but it is then and there where I say the biggest mistake is made. For instance, if I was to observe the Mona Lisa I would most likely look for key parts in the painting that I had already known were present, but in reality that's destroying the true meaning and principle of it.

But, have I not known what the Mona Lisa, stands for like who was the artist and or even the name of it I would be receiving a first time experience and I would be providing my own observations.

Going into an art gallery with no comprehension of the work being demonstrated may appear as insane given the fact that it might seem unprepared and pointless to have no expectations, but this is exactly what we should all be doing, for the reason that we need to maintain our vision and thoughts pure and free from others influence. Attending exhibits with no prior knowledge is the correct way to a richer understanding according to the authors that I will be mirroring.