Under Pressure

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Under Pressure

As the Sun glistened across the bright yellow sand, the Sea shining like diamonds, the sky a light blue with no cloud in sight. This is what it was like in Australia, always hot and the perfect time for surfing. Jeffrey Templeson was 27 years old, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. Due to the many spray tans he had an orange complexion; however, there was something different about him that many people didn't know - and continued not to - is that he is a secret agent.

Jeffrey was a hard working agent, although it was quite difficult at times, he would keep doing the job as it was very well paid. In his early 20s he had had a gambling addiction, he's trying to stop this but there was no-one there to support him. The government had hired him for the job as he looked like the kind of guy who has nothing to live for, as long as he was doing as he was told, they didn't mind his activities outside of the job.

Right now he was on the burning sand of the Melbourne beach, tracking down the mysterious 'Man in the Fedora'.

The Man in the Fedora was in sight whilst Jeffrey ran down the beach, bare foot and already exhausted. The much younger man he was chasing hadn't even dropped a sweat. Jeffrey felt the rays of sun hit his orange arms; he had decided that morning to wear a swimsuit as he was planning to go surfing. There was sweat now dripping down his forehead, slowly making its journey down to his brow, then took a detour as swiped by his hand. They were running for ten minutes and that had been enough for him. The...