Under-representation of Women In Law Enforcement

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Why are women under-represented in law enforcement agencies? This is the major question that I sought out to find an answer for. There obviously is a shortage of women that work for law enforcement agencies around America. According to the National Center for Women in Policing there are were only 13.3% of women involved in law enforcement in 1997. And this number has not raised much since that time. There is obviously a problem that we as Americans have not been facing, and it has been getting worse and worse over time. There is a huge shortage of woman that are involved in law enforcement and there are reasons why, but reasons we do not care to focus on as humans beings. This paper will focus on many of the problems that we have seemed to overlook for decades and decades and that we must now have to deal with in this day and age.

There is a great problem that many people have failed to realize over the years and that problem I will present with good research to prove my exact point.

ResearchThe research that I decided to use to define my paper I believe is very good in informing the reader of why there is a problem and what could hopefully be done to put a stop to such a problem. I used many different academic articles that span from many different online databases that collaborate to give the reader a very good perspective on what the topic is at hand. I think I definitely gathered together the best academic journal articles that I could find that help give the reader of the information very good details on what the problem is at hand. I put great thought into what articles I was going to...