Underage Drinking

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I have always noticed that teenagers have an interest in drinking. When I say drinking, I am not referring to drinking lemonade or orange juice, but to drinking. This refers to the intake of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, or liquor. Nowadays, many parties are not considered fun if it does not involve this drinking. However, there is a problem with this situation - the United States of America has prohibited anyone under the age of twenty-one to be in possession of alcohol. I believe this rule to be hypocritical, unnecessary, and in essence, the cause of teenage alcoholism in the country.

It was a cold winter night around Christmas as I lay on my bed watching some television. The white snow was accumulating on the garden as my show discussed the health problems caused by smoking. The tar in cigars caused lung cancer, while the nicotine caused addiction.

One would say that those are awful side effects, but that's okay… The United States of America allows eighteen year olds to smoke; meanwhile, drinking, which is clearly less harmful, is not allowed at this age. A major issue against drinking is driving under the influence, but that is when one's own responsibility kicks in.

In addition, I can not stand when people say "Why is smoking not allowed in public places, but drinking it is?" This has a simple answer - secondhand smoking. When a person smokes, it is as if the people around are smoking as well. Children may develop an addiction at an early age and so on; however, when a person drinks in front of others, no one is being harmed. It is up to the parents to let children know that drinking should not be permitted until a certain age is reached, such as...