Underage Drinking’s Consequences

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Jamae Gordoncillo

Professor Browne

WRT 040 D

09 June 2014

Underage Drinking's Consequences

Parents play a major role in their children's choices about school, tobacco, drugs, and even alcohols. They should not initiate and reveal their young ones into these unsuitable objects that can lead them to accident that they are not ready to handle yet. In the Philippines, 60% of the people especially the teenagers have no control when it comes to drinking and smoking. It is unfortunate knowing that in this very young age, they had been already exposed into these bad habitual acts. Back when I was in my sophomore year, my schoolmate found out she was pregnant after going to party when she got drunk with some guys. One Friday afternoon, I was comfortably lying down on the couch while watching television. News popped out on the screen saying that one girl got molested by tipsy man.

In my opinion, it is absolutely wrong if we let ourselves expose into this position, and not being mindful in what might possibly happen. The second main reason is peer pressure which we can mostly from our friends. One Saturday night I was at a birthday party, and everyone was having fun and drinking alcohol, of course. One group of people on our left table was trying to convince the girl to have at least one bottle of beer. She ended up drinking the entire night. I was also in a situation where my friend and I go into a serious issue towards each other. I noticed that she changed into something that she was not after being surrounded with a wrong group of people. She started to stop going with us, ditched us when we are having a group study. And little did we know, she failed...