Underground to Canada : Mammy Sally's Version

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Underground to Canada : Mammy Sally's Version

As Mammy Sally was cooking this lady called Nina who also worded in the kitchen said 'I found a passage way out o' here.' Mammy Sally looked shocker. 'But if we get caught Massa Simms gonna whip us until our day are done workin'. 'Said Mammy Sally. But, Nina was Strong and Fearless and said 'I don't care I'm sick of the way those people treat us I goin' to Canada. Mammy Sally stood there for a while and in came Massa Simms with his whip. And said 'You ladies gonna be standin' for a while' Mammy Sally looked frightened and said 'No sir we were just talking about what's for diner,' 'So Said Massa Simms 'what's for dinner', 'well' said Mammy Sally 'potatoes and corn' 'what else' said Massa Simms Mammy Sally had a scared look on her face 'What else'?! Yelled mass Simms' well I guess I can cook some bread' said Mammy Sally, 'Same bread that would be nice' Some break that would be nice' Said Massa Simms.

A Couple of hours passed and Mammy Sally getting ready to set the table for dinner when in came Nina and she said 'So have you thought it yet' ' no' said Mammy Sally. The next day Nina woke up early she put on here rags and took some food from the kitchen and woke up Mammy Sally and Mammy Sally said 'if we get caught 'I know I know' interrupted Nina ' we gonna get whipped tell our days are done working.' Well at least you know' said ' Mammy Sally and they left. 'So said Mammy Sally' Where is this secret passage you were talking about' you'll see' said Nina. When they got to the secret passage Mammy Sally...