Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

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Crop Circles are a two-dimensional form of art work. The people who create crop circles are known as circle makers. Creating crop circles is fairly easy. Most circle makers come up with their idea spontaneously. They use ropes, poles, and boards to create the image in the crop fields. To create crop circles, there’s usually a team involved. The team uses a long piece of rope tied to a board, known as a stalk stomper. One stands in the center of the circle and the other walks along the edges of the circle, using the board to stomp down the outline of the circle.

Each crop circle is unique and each represents something different. The artist’s message can be unclear at times; there have many times it was done as a prank. Some has said crop circles has symbolism, they can have biblical meanings or are said to be signs and messages from extraterrestrial beings.

Crop Circles’ function is really unknown but it may be to wake us to the world around us.

Images of crop circles:http://www.ufo-reports.com/images/CropCircle3.jpghttp://www.scuolaegizia.org/VIDEO/Z.Key%20frame%20sito%20scuolaegizia/Crop%20circles/8-21%20Crop%20circles%20-%202005%20Inghilterra%2021%20Agosto%20-%20Whiltshire.jpgThe second art I decided on was hair tattoos. Hair tattoos are not your traditional ink and needle tattoos. Hair tattoos are simply shavings or carvings patterns in the hair. Typically males and females between the ages of 16-29 are getting their hair tattooed. It’s a non conservative look, so you typically won’t find it in the business scene. Hair tattooing is a skill that requires someone who loves the challenge and loves creating art on an empty canvas. Many associate their style of life with their hair tattoo. To be a hair artist you must want to create a transformation and beauty.

Usually hair tattoos have an asymmetrical pattern on the lower half of the head, on either side, or all over. It consists of a distinct pattern, such as vines, tribal characteristics, swirls, flourishes, and mendi intricacies. To create such art requires one to have a steady hand and the proper tools. Clippers of a good quality are needed to shave the hair down to create the canvas. Other tools needed are carving blades and trimmers. They are used for the complex details and fluid, thin lines. Unfortunately hair tattoos only last a few weeks. If you want to keep your hair tattoo it must be maintenance frequently to keep it looking sharp. The only way to remove a hair tattoo is to shave the head or let the tattoo grow out and have the head shaved to the same length.

Images of hair tattoos.

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