Understanding Cultures

Essay by kbintx March 2006

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Every culture has distinct characteristics that make it different from every other culture. Understanding other cultures is very important in today's globalizing world. For me, there are some cultural factors may help other countries learn about my country's culture. Those are Religion, Holidays, Cuisine, Clothing, Music and Language. Why are these factors needed for others to discover the culture? Firstly, the ways people live and behave are frequently based on religious beliefs and its standard of life. If we tell other people what criteria we have and what our religion is, we may be seen through these things.

Secondly, a country's holidays will let others know our etiquette and our community lives through activities during holidays such as praying ceremonies, commemorative anniversaries, folk games that revise daily operations, and so on. Thirdly, clothing and cuisine will help people learn more about our culture through what we prefer to eat and to wear.

They help people understand the level and viewpoint of our lifestyle. Next, music is considered to be part of a people's soul, because all thinking and feeling about life is often involved in music. And appreciating and understanding music helps us get along with other cultures better. Lastly, learning other languages is the most important thing in order to better understand other cultures. Language is a way of communication, and by learning and using other languages, we can discover all the above factors that are learnt from books, literature, and from other people in the country we are studying. In fact, language is the mirror that reflects a nation's culture. In conclusion, the material and spiritual life of a nation will help other people know about that nation's culture, and only when we adapt and perceive cultural differences can we understand each other and conduct a...