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Executive summary

In this report we are going to investigate Toy manufacture. Here we can see an Introduction which shows and explain a situation in an organization and three suggestions which can be taken to solve challenges. Theory of "Total reward" and recommendation for firm as well. Organization is confronting extreme rivalry from abroad and needs to remain focused. Your organization at present administers its own entire particular It, Marketing, Finance and Hr capacities in-house. It has a manufacturing plant utilizing over 1000 specialized and low-talented staff and as of late significant overheads have been brought about by making over the long haul instalments while the organization solidified recruitment in an exertion to spare costs. Here we can see a lot of challenges.


Toy manufacturing set up in England and includes a factory with 1000 technical and low-skilled employees, IT, finance, HR and marketing. Factory faced financial problems, base on it factory froze recruitment.

Company can solve problems relying on Benefits and payrolls. Three suggestions can ensure the successes of organization. The main role of accepting suggestions can improve present situation in toy manufacturing

Benefits of insurance


Cancelation of rewarding and increasing of salary

Benefits of insurance are one of the suggestions for company to reduce costs and cut the loss of expenses. Transportation what includes cars and buses can...