Understanding the Decision-Making Model MGT 350

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Making good decisions is a critical aspect of every day life. Almost every thing we do involves making a decision. To improve the quality of decisions we make, one must utilize a sequence of steps often called a decision-making model. A decision-making model is a step-by-step guide to help an individual make the best possible decision.

A decision-making model taken from The Team Handbook (2002) puts five major steps into play. The steps in the model are meant to be used in order however each step is interrelated and may be repeated as needed through the process. "A decision-making process based on data leads to good decisions" (Facilitators Team).

The first step in the decision-making model is framing. Framing involves clarifying the purpose of the decision and determining its boundaries. The best way to begin the framing process is to gather information. This information may include: identifying those affected by the decision; identifying those involved in making the decision; what knowledge is needed to make the decision; and what information is needed and available to help with making the decision.

Also pertinent to framing is deciding when a final decision needs to be made. Communication with all involved in the decision-making process is required so all parties are well informed.

Recently at work, my team needed discovered a problem with one of the lots of reagent being distributed. This reagent is critical to accurate analysis of blood by one of our instruments. The faulty reagent can cause false increases in cell counts, thus leading to improper diagnosis by veterinarians. Since my team fields incoming calls from customers experiencing problems with their analyzers, it is our responsibility to inform upper management of potential problems we are seeing with product. A decision needed to be made whether or not to pull the...