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Understanding Feelings & Annotated Bibliography


Understanding feelings & Annotated Bibliography

Charlene Johnson

University of Phoenix


Dr. Zinzer

May 26, 2014


Within the human service profession there are different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that are based on emotions and feelings during the interviewing process. However, it is very important regardless of anyone background to demonstrate empathy and to help resolve the clients issues.

The human service professional should demonstrate the importance of understanding their clients from a different perspective and not focusing on their own feelings. Therefore, working as a human service professional it is vital that an emotional connection between both the client and the professional is solid. This will ensure that the obstacles faced along with the cultural boundaries do not have a negative impact on the interview process.

Emotional Impact

Working with individuals and dealing with their emotions can impact the communicational process. (Livingsock.com) Therefore, when the professional is working with their client they are dealing with; their client's tone of voice, facial expressions and their posture.

These emotional factors will allow the professional to address the issues at hand to develop a positive response when properly understood to connect the underlining emotions displayed during the interview process. However, with these results that are contributed and impacted by the support that is given will add validity toward the impacted emotional communication process between the two.

In addition, being on the opposite end of the spectrum receiving pertinent information and sharing an emotional challenge will contribute positive feedback through the interpersonal communicational process and increase the bond between the client and the professional when obstacles are attacked with a clear understanding and resolution. Books.lardbucket.org (2012)

Client's Emotions & Obstacles

During the interviewing process the professional may encounter obstacles while dealing with the clients emotions. To minimize...