understanding global warming

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Understanding Global Warming

Throughout the world industrialized societies have an impact on our environment. The issue of global warming is a common topic in the media. Conflict among scientists and whether or not this theory can be proven is also up for debate. Brown suggests there's proof in the byproducts from fossil fuel emissions or "greenhouse gases" that make up the main ingredients for global warming (140). How can this dilemma be resolved? Where can we find the answer? The world needs to take action in order to reduce global warming by using renewable resources, investing in technologies, and being conscious of humanities impact on the planet.

There are at least a couple of hurdles society as a whole has to jump if action can take place. The opposing argument is that global warming may just be a myth, propaganda put forth by "tree hugging liberal." Former vice president Al Gore was the first person in the executive branch to make a mainstream movie about the topic.

It was met with great opposition from the republicans and their conservative politicians. The process of getting bills passed and convincing lobbyists that it's a reality can be a difficult road to travel. The concept that global warming is just the natural course of the earth's path and variations in temperatures can be historically documented through time is enough explanation. However, the truth lies within humanities attitude toward sustainable energy and a healthy atmosphere for many years to come.

There are several methods to counter acting the effects that global warming has on the earth's environment. The first is technology and what it has to offer us in the form of renewable energy. Solar energy, the method of converting solar UV rays into consumer electricity, has become more common over the years. Although...