Understanding perceptual sets

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A Perceptual set theory stresses the idea of perception as an active process involving selection, inference and interpretation. Perceptual set is a readiness to perceive certain aspects of available sensory data and to ignore others. Tuning of the visual system is an important, but often neglected, aspect of seeing. It is more like receiving different perceptions on one image; the recognition of the other image can be educated. So when you encounter the same object again and again, the way you perceive that object can change. This aspect of changing is called tuning of the visual system. D the present study of (sax/woman) can add to our understanding of tuning the visual system by clarifying the importance of perceptual set. Through this study, we can see how our sensory input bounces off our experiences and our schemas prime us to organize and interpret ambiguous stimuli in certain ways. . EThe experiment is meant to test the hypothesis that perceptual set greatly influences what we perceive, and is based on our experiences, assumptions, and expectationsParticipants: A I took my sample from a population of students ranging from ages 18-25.

B For this experiment, my sample consisted of ten students within this age range who came to the City College cafeteria in one day. C The sample was representative of the population because the sample was randomly selected and included both sexes as well as containing different ethnic groups. Thereby eliminating bias. Due to the large size of my population. I believe the sample needed to have more students in order to reduce margin of error and to obtain more in depth analysisStimuli and procedure:A Stimuli used to assess different perception of the picture. In Panel A, the black color obviously is drawn out a man playing a saxophone. The white dot...