Understanding of Social and Psychological Barriers to Educational Attainment

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One: Acknowledgements' 3

Two: Executive Summary 3

2.1 Introduction 4

2.2 Key Outcomes from the Study

2.3 Key Recommendations'

Three: Introduction 5

Four: The Social Barrier 7

Five: The Psychological Barrier 8

Six: Key Findings 10

6.1 Quantative Picture 10

6.2 Qualitative Picture 11

Seven: Conclusions and Recommendations' 13

One: Acknowledgement

This study was made possible by the support of Shane Exton, who not only participated, but also opened up his facilities for the sessions to commence. In addition, he acted in the role of outreach worker within the community, allowing the open discussion forum to become reality.

This study project was initiated by Andre (from the community), who also contributed to the initial and later sessions and provided the focus and theme of the study. I would specifically like to thank all the participants for their flexibility and impartiality at each session

I am also taking this opportunity to thank Entrepreneurs West Midlands Project (EWMP) for working in conjunction with the participants and other services such as West Midlands Fire Service, West Midlands Police Service and would like to thank them for their support also

Finally, I would like t thank Shane's family, who have been an invaluable resource and form of support all the way through.

Two: Executive Summary

2.1 Introduction

The study undertaken here aims to draw out the salient features of the past learning, that is, educational experiences of young adult males and the cause of present barriers for obtaining qualifications leading to employment, including a view to determine what might improve this attainment.

To do this, the study consists partly a quantitative analysis of Wolverhampton's profile, such as, educational qualifications, socio-economic grades by wards and employment, but mainly of a qualitative analysis. The group sessions, which were open discussion forums that were, conducted...