The Undersurface of Real Estate Company.

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As a central theme in social science research in the field of work and organization, the study of gender has achieved contemporary significance beyond the confines of early discussions of women at work. In every known culture, gender is a major category for the organization of cultural and social relations, although specific cultural expectations vary from society to society. Understanding gender in an institutional context means that gender is not just an attribute of individuals; instead, institutions themselves are gendered. To say that an institution is gendered means that the whole institution is patterned on specific gendered relationships. I found out problems that are related to gender organization and tokenism, Marx's exploitation. The organization is gendered; every position is filled with the "suitable" person. And color woman is the token charter in the organization, and the capitalists exploit working class. I argue that Real Estate Company is a gendered organization, which each position has its gender preference.

It follow the pattern of gendered organizations are the total pattern of gender relations- token stereotypical expectations, interpersonal relationship, and men's and women's different placements in social, economic, and political hierarchies. Most importantly, the exploitation is hidden the surface. I will present three theories to illustrate my argument. I will identify each of them with definitions, analysis and conclusion.



I observed a real estate team that I used to work in. The name of the company is called "ResultsTeam". The company is located in an office building. This is considerably small real estate team which consists of approximately fifty employees. The company consists of twenty-six realtors the rest services staff. The authority structure is simple but the social structure is very complex. The boss of the real estate team, who is an agent broker, is in charge of the decision-making...