Unearned Suffering

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The book of Job shows us another example of unearned suffering. Basically, God made a bet with "the Satan" that no matter what atrocities were inflicted upon Job, he would not curse God.

After his children were killed, his crops had been destroyed, and his health was gone, Job decided to stand up for himself and argue with God. God, after putting Job in his place, told him that he needed to stand up for himself. He also told him that it was right for Job to question the suffering he was facing.

It is because of this that people who are suffering often turn to the book of Job. The message relayed in this book is that suffering should not go unquestioned. God even went as far as lecturing Job's friends for telling Job that he had to have done something wrong , and that he should not questioning God's reasoning.

Many people believe that all suffering results from sin. The story of Job discredits that thought. The book shows us that just because God made the rules doesn't necessarily mean that he has to always play by them. Not every bad thing that happens to a person is caused by something they did. They should instead take their suffering as a chance to grow stronger, not only in their faith, but also in their life. It is during times of suffering that people truly find their strength, true friends, and beliefs.