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Name: Toh Lai Hee

Class: IA04B (Interactive)

Lecturer: Mumtaz Maricar

Subject: Theorising Documentary

For this essay, I'm going to talk about some real social problems that are happening around the world. People are losing their jobs, SARS virus spreading around the globe and there was also a war in Iraq recently. All these are true happenings. The worse is still the global unemployment rate.

In fact, all these seem like a cycle. It kept on looping after it has finished its round.

I'm going to introduce you to a guy named Michael Moore. Maybe you know him and maybe you don't but it's ok.

Well, you can call him Mike, Michael or simply Moore. Moore is a very talented author and a film producer from the States. The author, who first became famous for stalking the chairman of General Motors in "Roger and Me," the highly praised 1989 documentary film, a hilarious and provocative low-budget film in which he showed how the world's richest corporation, General Motors, destroyed my hometown of Flint, Michigan, by firing 30,000 workers during a time when the company was making record profits.

His first book titled "DOWNSIZE THIS! - Random Threats from an Unarmed American", gets under the skin of the corporations, politicians, and media moralists who have made life miserable for millions of Americans. He sold the copyright to Random House, a publisher that organized a book tour for him. He also called up a few filmmaking friends (Tia, Jim, Brian & Chris) along. With this book tour, it come the birth of THE BIG ONE, a documented film in 47 cities around the States in 50 days.

Moore, whose documentary film Roger & Me and television series TV Nation have a strong cult following, takes on corporations, politicians and Americana...