Unemployment in Kyrgyzstan

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Unemployment in Kyrgyzstan

The rate of unemployment is one of the most used indicators of the wellbeing of the labor force of country and the economy of a country as whole. Although the measuring of the rate of unemployment is very easy in theory as it classifies adult people as either employed, unemployed, or out of the labour force, it is much more complicated in practice. That is why the official rates of developing countries are not always right and Kyrgyzstan is not an exception. According to ILO (the international labor organization) the unemployment rate in Kyrgyzstan is rising each year. This factor leads to such consequences as the rising of crimes and migration.

Many countries especially developing ones are not able to compare the rate of unemployment with other countries. Because the official rates are mostly wrong they rely on the statistics of ILO. The international labor organization works in most developed countries and also in many developing ones and Kyrgyzstan is not an exception. However ILO statistics is not the only one in Kyrgyzstan, there is also the official unemployment rate. The official unemployment rate considers only those people who are registered as unemployed, but the unemployment benefits are very small, people are not attracted by vacancies provided by government, there are retraining programs but they are too few moreover the do not much increase the chance to get employed. These leads to a fact that the official unemployment rate is mostly 3 times less than the one based on the international labor organization. Another reason of the unemployment rate being wrong is a bad way of understanding either peasant is employed or not. Today each peasant who has some small amount of plot is considered to be employed, not...