An Unexpected Event

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[An Unexpected Event]


An Unexpected Event

An Unexpected Event

Elizabeth Red: Little Red Riding Hood

Logan Howle: Big Bad Wolf aka Sexual Predator

Aggie: Little Red's Grandmother

Mary Red: Little Red's Mother

Jack Howle: Hunter and Logan's Uncle

An Unexpected Event

Today is going to be a good day. Today is going to be a great day. Today is going to be my day because it is my birthday! My name is Elizabeth Red. I am seventeen years old and I live in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. I live with my ignorant mother, Mary, in a lousy and run downed apartment that my grandma offered us. Mom wasn't always ignorant. In fact she was a loving and caring mother, until a great tragedy came upon us. The only person who really cares about me now is my grandma, Aggie. She has supported my mother and I when ever since my father died in a car accident several years ago. Though, my grandma Aggie never lived with us. She chose to live outside of town in a forest full of over grown trees and wild animals. Time to time she would have us deliver her packages. I never knew what was inside until I get to her house and she would open it. Until then, I don't dare to ask my mom.

So today is supposedly a good day for it is my birthday. Unfortunately not all birthdays have happy endings.

As I made my way into the kitchen my mother, Mary, stopped me.

"Red," she said as she stared me down. She started calling me Red ever since I wouldn't replace the red sweater my grandma Aggie gave me, which wasn't a problem because I love the sweater she gave me. The only problem was that she didn't...