An unexpected wealth.

Essay by kiciara75 January 2006

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Two years ago I was travelling around my town when suddenly I saw an amasing house. It was an old house with huge garden in front if it. I

stopped and looked for a while. I had a strange feeling that I had been here before.

I stood and stared at it with amazement. Suddenly the gate opened and I walked inside the garden. In the entrance door there was an old woman who was waving to me. "I recognized you my child"- she said. I didn't know what to say. The owner invited me to the house. A dark but spacious chamber with old-fashioned furniture appeard to me. There was a fire place with two leather arm chairs standing faced to it. She showed me them with the gesture of the hand and we sat down.

The old lady started talking. First I was surprised that she was telling me a story of her family, but then I heard names familiar to me.

At that moment I figured out that it was my family, too!!! She mentioned names like Chorewicz and Pomorski. I listened to her with my mouth opened. Then the old woman came to conclusion. That sentence stayed in my mind till now. "You are the only one inheritor of the Chorewicz fortune." My eyes went opened wider than ever. For a while I thought she was mad but then I recalled my grandmother's words about these families. It could be even true. The lady appeard to be my cousin who was looking for me for years and by accident she has finally found me. She told me what I have to do to receive my inheritance and we said goodbye to each other.

Suddenly all my problems dissapeared. "I'm rich now" - I thought. "I don't...