unfair treatment towards immigrants

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Taila Rodriguez


Project - 1

Have you ever done a mistake where it would lead to a serious consequence? Everything we do in our daily lives has consequences. Sometime we may recognize it and other times it's just a mystery full of unanswered questions. Sean Covey once said "We are free to choose our paths, but we can't choose the consequences that come with them." As we live our lives trying to avoid mistakes, whether we like it or not it will always be just around the corner. The consequences in our lives can be really tragic or really simple but can always risk something even if it may be a minor issue. A consequence can't ever be erased or undone.

As I am going through my past reviewing all the consequences that has occurred and affected my life, I stopped and thought about the friends who were once close to me, their names were Melissa and Evelyn.

It all began when we were children about the age of twelve. We all had gotten out of school and as usual I'm always clueless with what the conversations they have. As I tried to understand their conversation they were talking about two guys that were in the corner across the street from the school by a deli. I realized that both my friends and the two guys were in contact smiling at each other. As I was shocked, the two guys decided to head our way as they introduced themselves I simply headed home. The guy was about twenty two years of age. The next thing I knew Evelyn was dating him for a while until the point where she would eventually get caught. Her mother caught her talking to him on the phone, once her phone was taken away...