Unfinished Nation by Alan Brinkely

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Unfinished Nation by Alan Brinkely

The Unfinished Nation written by Alan Brinkely introduced all aspects of American history, including how economic development was shaped and changed over the years. The book also discusses how the economic development affected lives of the American people.

It began in 1776 when 13 small colonial economies joined together to make up the United States of America. During the 16th century an influx or European settlers took over the land Columbus had found. Before their arrival Native Americans lived primitive lives, disconnected from the rest of the world. They economy was based on the animals that they hunted, and agriculture. The European settlers brought with them all kinds of new goods such as the firearms.

Some parts of the new state were built on religion; many others were based purely on business. Many charter companies were setup during the colonization of the state. Most of these charters were made up of merchants and wealthy landowners.

While the European settlers curbed the native population and snatched their land, they also set up sawmills, gristmills, shipyards, trading vessels etc. without a doubt, English colonies owed their prosperity to shipbuilding and sailing.

During the 18th century many slaves were brought in from Africa. This increased the labor supply. The life of this age was good, except for the slaves. It was during the late 1770s that North American colonies sought a right to establish their own form of government. A variety of disputes over everything from taxation to general policies erupted. Britain's refusal on the subject provoked the American Revolution, the result of which was war between the two nations, which subsequently led to the independence of the state.

The constitution of 1787 put forth that the entire country was one, with no internal taxes or tariffs...