The Unforgettable Day

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The Unforgettable Day By This day promised to be fun and exciting, but little did I know the events of Thursday June 28 2001, would forever change my life. This is how it all started.

Oh my Gosh! I had over slept and my friend, Jamie, was at the door knocking. We were supposed to go to Six Flags for my first time. I got up to let her in and hurried around to get ready. As a usual early morning tradition, I headed straight for the coffee pot, and I realized the coffee was still hot. Mom must have had a cup of coffee when she came in that morning. I woke up my roommate, Eddie, by scrounging around for a coffee cup. Jamie blurted, "Hurry up girl. We have to meet my sister at the school in twenty minutes."� I replied, " Okay. Be quiet so you will not wake up my mom.

She just got home from work."� As I turned to take a quick shower I went into my mom's room, but she was not there. It was ten o'clock. She should have been home by now. I went to the kitchen table where she usually put her nursing bag down. Her bag was nowhere to be found. This caused me to get an unbelievable sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, although, as a nurse she occasionally works late. I turned to Eddie and asked if mom called or came home. Eddie said "no."� I picked up the phonebook to call the hospital to she if she worked late. Before I even had a chance to call, a Sheriff's car pulled up. I got a gut feeling that something was wrong and I felt sick and frightened. I picked up the phone...