An Unforgettable Lesson

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At the age of sixteen, a significant event that happened to me drastically changed my life. Being young, foolish, and girl crazy got me in a world of trouble. A girl who I liked and always tried to impress dared me to take a car that someone left running. I didn't want to seem like a punk so I did it of course, and it turned out that I hit another car, I was stopped by the police and arrested. Being arrested and taken to jail made me learn some valuable lessons, I don't ever want to be arrested again, never let my peers influence me, and to take my education more seriously.

Being arrested was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The ride in the police car was awful, I was cramped up in the back seat and what made it worst was that the whole neighborhood watched me be taken off to jail. I was a public embarrassment and it seemed like everyone knew. I had to sit and wait in a dirty and smelly holding cell until my disappointed and embarrassed parents came to bail me out. The ride home with them was sickening, listening to them fuss and me wondering what my friends at home were going to say. Worrying about what my friends would think is what got me in this mess in the first place.

Since this once in a lifetime experience, I now know not to let my peers influence me to do things that I know without a doubt that are wrong. Before getting arrested I always used to try to do everything that I could to fit in and be liked. Trying to impress some girl to get her to like me wasn't worth going to...