The Ungrateful Second Monday of October

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On every second Monday of the October month, schools, offices, and stores are closed and deserted. All that may be heard at these areas are the crickets. The smell of baked turkey fills the air to the point that people can barely breathe. Families unite and satisfy their cravings with turkey dinner. In the kitchen of my house on one Thanksgiving Day, I have selfishly demanded my parents for more turkey and stuffing. I ate it to the point that my pants had barely fit me, and the remainder of it just ended up being in the garbage can. After that, I complained to my parents about the unsatisfactory quality of my bike, by saying that the thing was landfill property and it was necessary for me to have an even better one. Later on during that day, I watched a television program about Ethiopian children who were about my age.

Their appearances were quite dissimilar to mine, since they barely wore any clothes and their only place of dwelling was a garbage pile. These teens disregarded how unpleasant the food tasted since they were doubtlessly concerned that they barely have the opportunity to obtain a sufficient amount of food. Some of these awfully poor teenagers looked as if they were about to approach the end of the light tunnel. However, they are still so content when they receive a shelter, food, medicine, clothes, and books. On the other hand, the demanding people constantly feel unhappy since they always have a desire for more of everything. It was like lightning had suddenly struck me when I asked myself why is it that I am one of the lucky individuals to win the lottery of being more fortunate than those teenagers on that TV program? Why are there...