Uniforms and Freedom of Expression

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Does wearing a school uniform really make a difference in the learning

process? Ever wonder what is the purpose of wearing a school uniform in the

first place? If all of the students are dressed alike, it seems like it would be

pretty tough to express your freedom of expression through attire. Many

students, parents, and administrators have different opinions on the strict

enforcement of a wearing school uniform. Some religious students might not

be allowed to wear a certain color of clothing, or can could only wear one

certain kind of clothing, etc. A lot of students nowadays are obligated to

wear a school uniform without a choice or even without a say. Whether it is

a religious conflict, interfering in the learning process, I believe school

uniforms cause conflicts in many ways. I will discuss the reasons why

schools are putting out these rules to make school uniforms a mandatory

dress code.

The schools in the United States teach the students that

our country is a free one. This does not make much sense when schools are

trying to enforce a rule where all the students are supposed to dress alike.

How are students supposed to have personal freedom of choice when

having a standard dress code inhibits their chance? When it comes to

safety, schools are always strict. A School uniform plays a vital role in

the safety of the student body. After the Columbine High School shooting

that took place on April 20th, 1999 in Columbine, Colorado, schools started

it get a lot stricter on dress codes. Littleton, Colorado held a survey where

three quarters of four thousand nineteen locals rejected the school district's

new dress code because it seemed unfair to them. The code would ban hats,

camouflage, shorts, skirts more than three inches...