Uniforms - the Dress Code for Public Schools in the United States COMM 215

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It happens every year. Parents spend hundreds of dollars buying school clothes they feel are appropriate for their children at the start of the new school year. But, sometime during the first couple of weeks of school, one or more of your children come home with a notice from their school addressing the school's new dress code. Parents discover that about one-half of the clothes they just bought are now against the school dress code. Public schools in the United States need to have a nationwide dress code, uniforms. Because whether in kindergarten or high school, our children are sent to school for one purpose and one purpose alone - to get an education and learn the discipline necessary to be a productive and functioning member of society.

In order for this to happen, there must first be a stable and disciplined environment allowing for as few disruptions and distractions as possible.

Regardless of age, students should not have to worry about how popular they are being based on what brand name they happen to be wearing. Are brands like Tommy Girl, Addis, and Nike any better made than those of Basics, White Stag, or Champion, all of which are readily available from the local K-Mart and Wal-Mart stores? No, they are simply the name brands that are popular today. Being popular means that students want them. Manufacturer's know that students will buy them so they can increase the cost; the higher the price tag, the more popular that item becomes and therefore, the more students want them.

With the high cost of clothing today, school uniforms will lift a financial burden from some parents. Students whose parents cannot afford or will not buy them the newest fad clothing would not be embarrassed because of the clothing they wear. Student's...