Uniforms: An Idea That Just Doesn't Fit -- An essay refuting mandatory school uniforms.

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Uniforms: An Idea That Just Doesn't Fit

In a world full of differences, where what makes us unique is celebrated, students are now being told that part of what makes us individuals is no longer appropriate or even acceptable. Uniforms will not work in a public school setting because they are expensive, a violation of one's rights, and, finally, they will not change social boundaries.

Everyone knows that school uniforms can be extremely expensive, and we furthermore understand that young adults and especially students are not made of money. The initial cost of a uniform requires a large sum of money that students in high school simply do not possess. Along with the primary cost, uniforms often need to be altered in order to make the individual student more comfortable. In addition, with uniforms, students must buy two sets of clothing- one for school and another for after school and weekends.

This is hardly economical. Some uniforms are also much less durable than "unregulated" school clothing, such as denim, and some of the components of the uniform would need to be bought more often, so even if, by chance, the initial purchase is cheaper, the overall cost is not.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Uniforms will not change any current social boundaries, create any kind of equality within a student body, or create a safer school area by eliminating the wearing of gang clothing which can also be used to intimidate or conceal contraband. First, some people are intimidating no matter what they wear. Gangs can also choose 'allowed' colors for their colors and further more, unless the policy requires skin-tight clothing, how will the concealment of contraband be eliminated? While it can...