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"Mr. Bill Clinton in his state of the Union Address in 1996, praised student uniforms as a way to promote safety and discipline in public schools. Ms. Moore and others, the principal and attendants of Will Rogers Middle School, felt a particular satisfaction in this endorsement" (Ms. Moore). On top of that, a study through 1990-1995, the years before the uniform policy, assault and battery cases grades K-8 had dropped 34%, physical fights have dropped 51%, and 32% fewer suspension, and those numbers continue to increase as time progresses. "Now teenagers are not killing over designer jackets" (Mr. Clinton). Uniforms may have a little hassle on people but they will prosper in the future. The cost, how it shows unity, and grades are an important issue about them.

In most cases, people will say uniforms are costly and that they will be nothing but an adherence in spending.

"But, if public schools can get into a strict uniform policy the state will institute a deal you can get on them, at least that was the case in our school." (Ms. Moore). Also, teens our age are the biggest way of earnings. Clothing stores can boost up their prices because they know that teenagers will purchase them. If that is the case, then the idea being held is that uniforms are too costly because people need to purchase their likings of clothes. But, when it is time to purchase a 50$ uniform package, which gives you a shirt, vest, pants, a tie, a belt, and shoes, it is too costly? And when it comes to purchasing a 50$ pair of pants it's not expensive? That is the mentality of the day and age teenagers live in.

School unity, pride, and prosperity as a league of their own will have...