"Uniforms Shouldn't Be Mandatory In Public Schools" Essay could use a bit more directly cited evidence such as specific statistics or facts.

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Would you want to change your whole style and appearance to make someone

else happy? Well, many students from grades kindergarten to 12 are being forced to wear

polo shirts, khakis, jumpers and skirts everyday to school. School districts feel that this is

a great idea are enforcing it throughout the United States. I am against what the school administrators of those districts believe. My reasons are uniforms aren't the exact way to solve a challenge, the freedom of speech will be infringed, and students won't be able to express their individuality. School uniforms shouldn't be mandatory in public schools!

First, uniforms aren't the best way to approach a problem. Many school districts

that have a lot of gang problems and poor academic achievements aren't the ones even

getting the money for uniforms. Instead districts that don't need to fix these problems

enforce laws like school uniforms that are a waste of money.

Amy Mitchell Wilson from

Brigham Young University said, "They are aimed at preventing gang violence, that have

been adopted in several areas that do not have gang problems" (Tousignant) Speaking of gang problems, enforcing uniforms doesn't solve the actual crimes. They solve inappropriate clothing and gang trademarks. The money from the students' families just bring up more problems. Some families can't afford the certain types of uniforms that the schools enforce. Regular clothing can cost more from brand name stores, but not all students buy designer clothes."[Some critics argue] Uniforms aren't always cost-effective and are just a 'quick fix' for urban-school problems that demand much deeper reform" (Cook).

My second reason is under the United States Constitution. The First Amendment

states that Congress can't abridge a citizens' freedom of speech. Well, freedom of speech

can also be considered as how you appear such as the impression...