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This case deals with Unilever home care division and in specific the detergent brands in the two major regions in Brazil : The North East and the South East .

Major differences exist between these two regions in terms of wealth, culture and needs that influence the performances and sales of Unilever detergent brands available in the Brazilian market.

We will explain in a little introduction Unilever the company, its competitor and its performances in the detergent market.

Finally, we will present a proposal on what can be done in the North East of Brazil to efficiently perform and get the best out of the low income consumers.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to add vitality to life.

We meet the every day needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life


Unilever was created in 1929 by the merger of the Margarie Unie company of the Netherlands and Lever Brothers of the UK.At

that time of the merger , these companies already had substantial international presence through trading and supply operations.

One Key reason for the merger was to combine their supply of oils and fats.

Unilever is the world's second largest consumer goods business after Phillip Morris.

Unilever has achieved a market capitalization of 64 Billion $ ranks 43 on the list of fortune global 1000 multinationals.

It manufactures and sells over 1800 different brands through 300 subsidiary companies in 88 different countries worldwide and employs more than 270,000 people.

Unilever expanded from being essentially a laundry soap and margarine business into other mass-market consumer categories such as frozen foods , ice cream, tea, package soups and personal care hygiene.

Unilever also followed a strategy of vertical integration to...