Unilever Lays Path to Global Growth

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Unilever, the global giant that has built some of the world's best-known consumer brands, is managing a period of huge organisational change. At its heart is a five-year plan called "Path to Growth," which includes a re-shaping of the brand portfolio to concentrate on core brands, significant improvements in supply chain and innovation, a closer consumer focus and the building of an agile, enterprising business culture. Unilever has also undertaken a substantial acquisition programme (including Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Slimfast and the much-publicised takeover of Bestfoods). Successfully integrating new companies and achieving the "Path to Growth" are vital to Unilever's future success - and sound communication is the prerequisite.

Over the last 12 months, Jack Morton Worldwide has worked closely with central teams in both London and Rotterdam to devise and deliver a series of global communication initiatives in support of Unilever's core business strategies. Among the key success factors: the London-based team's ability to engage Jack Morton sister offices in New York and Singapore to deliver consistent understanding of Unilever's brands and business goals across its worldwide sectors -- thus supporting this global client as a truly global communications company.

Among the initiatives already delivered:

Unilever Finance Conference, June 2000

In order to deliver "Path to Growth," the Unilever finance function realised it must develop a sharper and more agile strategy for the future. Jack Morton worked with the Finance Director's team in London to design and produce a two-day event for 250 top Unilever finance managers from around the world. Held in the UK, the event - which comprised a main plenary session, workshops, gala dinner and guest speaker - was designed around the core strategic goals of the new finance strategy. This allowed the audience not only to immerse themselves fully in what the strategy would...