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Executive Report

This Opportunity analysis is about introducing a new product to the New Zealand market for the Persil brand, owned by Unilever Groups NZ. The new product will be a new variation of Persil Small & Mighty- Persil Small & Mighty that will perform a deep clean in cold temperature washing that will, as well as cleaning, rid fabrics of germs and bacteria, and eliminate dust. Eco-friendly products have been proven to not perform this at cold temperatures.

Unilever Group NZ currently holds the majority of the market shares in the laundry care market with its brand Persil dominating the brand market.

There are many players in this market, and all are providing laundry care that is similar. Therefore, it is important to maintain brand loyalty and seek new ways of attracting a new customer base.


This opportunity analysis has been prepared for the senior management of Unilever Groups NZ, for the Persil brand.

The purpose of this opportunity analysis is to report on Unilever's laundry detergent Persil and it's current standing in the laundry care market.

This report will also investigate other competitors in the laundry care market and their products, a thorough analysis of the laundry care market, an analysis of Persil's customer base, and also identifying a gap in the laundry care market that Unilever NZ can tap into to maximize market share and brand share.

Market Description

Situation analysis

FMCG laundry product is defined as products that are consumed in a single use or on a few usage occasions (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans & Armstrong, 2010). Products such as laundry detergent- liquid, laundry detergent- powder, fabric softener, wool mix, and stair removers have been identified as FMCG laundry products by Roy Morgan(Roy Morgan, 2006).

Competing players include Colgate-Palmolive Co, Reckitt Benckiser Plc and...