Unique Cars.

Essay by davelane22 October 2003

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Every car has its good and bad points. For example, a car with a more powerful engine will accelerate faster but will also burn more gas. A person deciding on what car they want to drive must chose what they want to get out of there car. One must make decisions such as whether they want comfort or style. In this essay I'm going to compare and contrast two very different cars, a 1992 Buick Century Custom and a 2003 Toyota Celica GT-S.

My 1992 Buick Century Custom was an incredibly ugly car. My grandmother drove it for years before its ownership passed to me. When General Motors designed this car the last thing on their mind was style. Although, comfort and reliability were on the top of the priority list. It had a full sized seat in the front that could hold 3 people and was cushioned to perfection.

It is equipped with a 3.3 liter engine V6 engine. It was not meant to tow anything but I have pulled things as heavy as fishing boats with it after I welded a trailer hitch onto the back of the car. Even with this power I still managed to have decent gas mileage. Another downside to the Buick is the lack of technology present in the vehicle. It lacked a CD player and a tape deck player. I was stranded with only a radio until I had saved enough for a CD player. It also lacked power windows. This made rolling down windows very difficult, especially when you want to speak to someone from the passenger side window. It only had three gauges on the dash which were the gas, the speedometer, and the gear. Since I had no temperature gauge, it was difficult to tell what was wrong with...