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Problem Statement

I need to determine whether Unique Senior Services (USS) will provide Carol with an annual net income of $50,000. My analysis will evaluate the feasibility of USS to generate a net annual profit of $50000, which will enable Carol to devote her attention to this business on a full-time basis.


Market Segmentation

A SWOT analysis (see Appendix: A1- Market Segmentation) was performed on the market and aimed to identify USS's potential market penetration. One of USS's great strengths is that there are no direct competitors in London, which provide the same services as USS, although, there exist several companies across Canada that provide similar services for seniors. Therefore, currently there is a great opportunity for USS to gain competitive advantage for itself in London by being the first to find a distinctive place in the target market's mind. USS can gain a perceived superiority in the London market versus any future potential competitors if it succeeds to identify and promote its target market's needs.

Carol, USS's owner, has an extensive knowledge in resource management, which will prove beneficial in choosing the ideal service provider of contracted services such as snow plowing. Many seniors have medical needs, which can be easily assessed by USS as Carol has a RNA certification. Single point of contact will allow for fast and smooth information flow, speeding up client satisfaction and eliminating seniors' worries for every day responsibilities and at the same time enabling them to retain independence and control of their lives while remaining at their own homes. USS is able to respond quickly to any requests as there is no red tape and no need for higher management approval. Furthermore, USS has pricing structures that are comparatively better than other companies' prices such as the Complete Geriatric Care...