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The purpose of this booklet is to produce information on how business organisations are assembled and utilized. I will provide this information by discussing how a small business runs and comparing it with how a large business is run. A small business is a company who employ less than 250 employees and has an annual turnover of less than £27 million. A large business employs anything greater than 250 employees and has a turnover of more than £27 million. If the company is in the public sector they receive their funds from the state and if they are in the private sector they receive their funds from the people who founded the company. This booklet is aimed at school and college leavers to give them information about businesses.

The booklet is going to cover organisations' business activities and objectives, organisational structures, the main functional departments and how they interact, the roles and their responsibilities and authority of individuals within a company, stakeholders and their aims and objectives.

After reading this booklet hopefully school and college leavers will have a better insight into how companies are set up and run.


Battersea -

Battersea was first established in 1860 in Holloway by a woman called Mary Tealby. In 1871 the centre moved from Holloway to Battersea. Queen Victoria became the Patron in 1885 and even to this day it remains under Royal Patronage as Elizabeth II is the current Patron and Prince Michael of Kent is President.

Even though the home was a dog's home, with more and more stray cats on the streets the centre soon started accepting cats, so became and dogs and cats home. After quite a few years of accepting dogs and cats, the centre soon realised that they...