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NIkisha C. Ramotar 10/31/14

603 Social Studies

Neolithic Revolution

Did you know why it was so hard to the people before the Neolithic Era? Read more and you will find out. Why? It was when people didn't know how to make fire they and to wait for the lightning to strike on those piece of wood to make fire to make food and survive in the cold weather. They had no idea how to plant crops and mind animals. They made this happen the world can change.

The change experienced from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic era was people from the Paleolithic era was the men could not control their food supply. So they started to do food gathering in Europe, Africa, Australia, and groups of people in the near east began to breed animals. One change that happened was the Neolithic Age changed from food-gathering to food producing and the Peolithic Age was a farmer.

One detail that supports my answer is in document 2 it stated that "Plant and animals domestication was the key. We grow edible plants ourselves, right out of the ground time after time."

Therefore this states that they preserve and store surpluses (something that remains above what is used are needed in this case) for hard times. They learned to read and write to learn language and learned to gather plants and animals for make their lives easier. Another detail to support my answer to support my answer is in document 4 it stated that in the '10,000B.C. Domestication for goats, Invention of the wheel; used for transport. Therefore this states that he people live changed a big way during the Neolithic Revolution.

The Neolithic era and the Paleolithic era changed influenced the development of civilizations by, before the people had to...