Unit Analysis 1

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Abby Brennan

February 26, 2014

RS 101

Professor Sabella

Unit Analysis 1

In David Tracy's "Writing." he discovers that there is a need to understand a deeper level of the nature of writing and religion, in both empirical and theoretical. Tracy wants to learn from the actual experience and the theories different religions have. David Tracy has been named one of the most original theologians in recent decades for his work in hermeneutics and theological method in a pluralistic context. He is known for his dense and complex thoughts on hermeneutics and theology. In Chapter two of " Scripture and Tradition" it explains to us the basis and beginning of Christianity and how it has evolved the way it has in the twentieth century. In " Writing" Tracy believes that among the three Western monotheistic traditions on the issues of writing word also known as scripture, revelation, and the Word as logos and the Word as kerygma centered around a written text need to be compared and look into deeper and I chose chapter two of the text book to give me the basic understanding of Christianity.

One of the main themes in " Writing" is Tracy seems to touch on multiple times is the meaning of revelation and how it is interpreted. In the religion Islam revelation is the written text. Thus means that the role of writing is very small in Islamic tradition. Their scriptural text some how "participates" in the divine reality. Often when religious traditions do not involve scriptural writing they are looked down upon or not taken seriously. The Christian understanding of revelation as God's self presence in the scripture. The Christian symbol of divine revelation is normally the vent of divine self-manifestation in the Word, Jesus Christ. Christian revelation has had its...