In this unit I have learned a lot about Creation

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In this unit I have learned a lot about Creation and Evolution. In the topic of Evolution I learned that Evolution is change over time and it's a change in the gene pool. An example is pesticides. The bugs after time become immune to the pesticides that we use. That is an example of Microevolution. Microevolution and Macroevolution are very different. We can see proof of Microevolution all around us. As for Macroevolution, there is no proof that it ever happened. Microevolution is evolution on a small scale, like the pesticides. Macroevolution is a change on a large scale, like the Darwinian theory. Evolution is one of the many ways people try to explain where life came from. It doesn't attempt to explain where the earth came from. Some evidence of Microevolution that is the English Pepper Moth. Back a long time ago in England there was black and white English Pepper Moths.

There were more of white ones back before the industrial revolution began, because there was places for the white ones to hide, lichen. But the black ones died because of their coloring. After the industrial revolution all the lichen died out leaving a spot for the black ones to hide. So then the white ones were the ones suffering. That is an example of Microevolution because it is a change in the gene pool. The theory of Macroevolution is that we all came from the same thing.

I learned about the four different kinds of Evolution. Chemical Evolution, Cosmic Evolution, Geological Evolution, and Micro and Macroevolution. Those last two I already talked about. The theory of Chemical Evolution is that we all came from amino acids. They did an experiment about it, proving their theory right. But there were some problems. In the experiment it had a lack of oxygen because it wouldn't work when oxygen was present, so they think that it happened underwater. That doesn't work either. There are two different types of amino acids, right and left handed ones. Right-handed ones are deadly, but left-handed ones are the ones we all have. But, in his experiment, they came out fifty percent right-handed, and fifty percent left-handed. Which means they were dead. So that theory is wrong.

The theory of Cosmic Evolution is that we all came from one thing. It is basically the Big Bang theory. There are big flaws in that one though. The rotation is a big problem. If the Big Bang theory were correct, everything would be rotating the same direction. But not everything is. That is a big problem. Another is, if the universe was billions of years old the moon dust would be miles deep, it is only a few inches deep though. Also, if the universe were billions of years old, the moon would've started out on top of the Earth, because the moon is slowly moving away from the Earth.

The last one that I haven't talked about is, Geologic Evolution. That has to do with the Strata. The problem is there is no proof of Evolution in the Strata. One of their "proofs" is the horse link. But not even some Evolutionist believe that. It's too far fetched, and there is no evidence supporting it. One of their other ones is that dinosaurs became birds. But their only proof is a skeleton that they put together themselves, a fake. So all together, there is much more evidence supporting Creation, and that's what I've learned.