Is the United Nations uniting nations?

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Daniella Herskowitz


Mr. Lannik 10.27

Thesis: Due to a lack of accountability within, the UN is headed towards irrelevancy just as its predecessor, The League of Nations.

Topic sentence 1: The UN was formed in the aftermath of WWII, to prevent other world crises.

-Founding ideas



-Concerns voiced during drafting of charter

Topic sentence 2: The UN has repeatedly failed to maintain peace through its peacekeeping missions without any consequences to the UN.


The Hutu and Tutsi tribes have had a long history of fighting. The two tribes lived in continuous tension and conspiracies to exterminate the Tutsi population were very well known(2). In 1972the Tutsis killed 200,000 Hutus in genocidal massacres. The UN as well as the world took little notice of these killings (6 p 334-338). In 1994 the Security Council authorized a force of 2,500 peacekeepers as a "stabilizing presence", which meant to supervise weapons free areas, provide humanitarian relief, and moniter cease fire lines.

After the assassination of the first ever democratically elected Hutu president, Melchoir Ndadaye, rebellions erupted and tensions grew. Over 30,000 Hutus and Tutsis were slaughtered. General Dallaire was appointed force commander over the situation in Rwanda. In Janruary 1944 he sent cables to the UN warning them that there were more horrors ahead. He went into detail mentioning that the Hutus had a list of Tutsis slated for murder as well as several hidden arm caches. General Dallaire included his plans to destroy one of these hidden arm caches. He received confirmation back that he was to leave the cache alone. Conspiracies to exterminate the Tutsi population was very well known(2). On April 6 of1994, after the presidential plane holding the new Hutu president was destroyed by missiles, 3 months of killings were unleashed. A massive genocide took...