The United States Being Born

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In social studies we have recently learned about the American Revolutionary War. The war was fought for self-government. The colonies wanted independence from Great Britain. The colonists also didn't want to pay the taxes, becauset the money went to suport only the British armies. Most of the colonies didn't depend on the British for help anyway, and their ruler was over 5,000 miles away. So the colonists decided to fight for their freedom, land ownership, and a new government.

The first battle of the American Revolutionary War took place in Lexington. The British commander General Thomas Gage received orders to strike a blow at the Americans. He found the whereabouts of the patriots and sent 700 men, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith to seize them at Lexington, then destroy the patriots in Concord and take the supplies that laid there. But the Boston silversmith, Paul Revere heard thier plans and rode the 20 miles to Lexington, that night to wanr the patriots' leaders and everyone else along the way, that the British or rather the "redcoats" were coming.

When the British troops arrived on April 19, 1775, in Lexington they started to advance and form a battle line, but the American militia leader, Captain John Parker didn't want to fight. Suddenly a shot rang out, no one knows if it was on the British side or the American side, but it started the American Revolutionary War. That first shot was named "Shot heard 'round the world." After some men got wounded and hurt, the British troops marched to Concord, and burned the few supplies the Americans had left there. (On Paul Revere's warning, the Americans moved the supplies to a different location.) But on the way back to Boston, the British faced yet another army to fight. They lost,