United States Election Reflection

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Election ReflectionAss (donkey) and elephant, wearing new shoes, are the sole leaders in the race to the White House. As the first 'black' donkey in the history of the race, Senator Barack Hussein Obama promises change. Opposing Senator Obama is the oldest elephant in the history of the race, Senator John McCain. Senator McCain hopes to avoid the path of previous winner, another Elephant named George Bush, who turned evil. Riding the Donkey, Joseph Biden faces a female rider in the race, Sarah Palin. Research shows that the stunning looks of the active minded donkey wins the minds of most citizens. However, the old elephant has better plans for the general welfare of the people. As the donkey and the elephant reach the final lap, one question remains. Will the donkey sprint to the finish or will the elephant win in the same manner the tortoise beat the rabbit?Although the donkeys and the elephants both have the common goal of winning the race and governing the United States, they differ on their opinions on the best way to help solve the issues that America face.

Donkeys tend to be more socialistic and believe in equality. These donkeys believe on higher taxes and more social services. By providing social services, the poor people will lead a better life. Universal health care will ensure that everyone gets treated medically and everyone can afford going to the doctor. Free education will allow everyone to be able to learn. By applying higher taxes on the rich, there will be a smaller gap between the rich and the poor. In other words, since the rich can afford it, let them pay the taxes. Middle and lower class citizens should get a tax break. In general, Democrats believe in creating a strong central government. A strong...