United States of Fear

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United States of Fear

After the World War II, world has been divided into two blocks. One side was America and the other side was Marxist-Leninist SSCB. These two super powers had same desires; to defeat the counter block and become only the one super power. Conqueror of this war was America. After collapse of SSCB, America has become the target of terrorist groups, mostly the target of political Islamic groups. Although being a super power America had always fears. In the past there was fear of communism, but today terrorism takes the place of communism. These two fears have some differences and similarities, as we looked from different aspects, such as the source, targets and effects of the fear.

As we sad before World War II had divided world into two. East was affected by the Marxist-Leninist ideas of the SSCB. America's biggest fear was these Marxist-Leninist ideas.

The source of fear during cold war was these ideas. Soviet Russia was trying to make Middle East Countries completely subservient. That means a very powerful Russia in the Middle East. To perform these ideas, Russia affected even China by socialist ideas. Every country, in the Middle East, was under danger of socialism. Countries were not important for America; important thing was economical benefits of America. A vigorous Russia would not let America to perform its imperialist economic comprehension.

However, in point of terrorism, America's fear is not related to economic reasons; it is directly related to security. After the collapse of Soviet Russia America became a very vulnerable target for terrorists. Unlike government attacks, terrorist groups can damage targets hugely, whereas its cost is very low. For example in September 11, thousands of people died. There was not a big cost of this operation for terrorists, even weapons were...