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Throughout the 1800's, The United States went through a giant growth. The population doubled from 39 million to 76 million people. I think that this happened because of the immigrants from Europe and many other places around the world. Another reason why I believe that the population nearly double was an enlarged birth rate. The United States had to take action. They adopted the most liberal land policy in history. At that time, America started urbanizing some areas by doubling the population, and the notion of industrialization came along. At that time, many factories were constructed, and mills doubled their number. Citizens of the States were finally satisfied with new technologies and the amount of new products. Meanwhile, It had its own disadvantages. Factories polluted the water, the air, and the environment. The main thing that worried Americans was the result of the industrialization on body politics. Those who played a role in politics were only wealthy people.

Despite the advantages of the industrialization, there were anti-industrial reformers. The Homestead Act allowed any citizen to be given 160 acres of land and to pay for it after five years. This Act was very helpful and enabled many citizens to inhabit and build farms themselves.

Traditionally, farmers could move to a new field when the productivity of a field lessened. However, some farmers were unable to just pick up and move. as population increased as farmland became less available. I noticed in the photographs by Solomon Butcher that the farmers used a third invention called the grain header to harvest their grains. Using the grain headers assisted the farmers to tie the grains into bundles a lot easier. The headers also had rotating wheels, which made them easier to be pulled. Grain Headers drastically increased the efficiency of grain harvesting. Another...