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The United States interest has always conflicted with the interest of other nations. What these countries have in common is that they were independent nations seeking a way they had to be crash and they were in different ways. What drives U.S. national interest the leading factor in U.S. policy is the perseverance of its dominance. The government never tells the truth about its foreign policy. The U.S. actions aims hugely to maintain an economic advantage. In order for the U.S. to enjoy the comfort, there has to poverty somewhere else.

U.S planned a coup because it felt threatened by Guatemala?s new found democracy since it was threatening U.S. economic interest. Jacobo Arbenz, President of Guatemala in 1954, was distributing lands to the peasants in hopes of improving their economy. This action conflicted with U.S. interest because most of the lands were owned by United Fruit Company, an American business that runs Guatemala?s phone lines, rail way system, harbors, and banana exports.

The coup was meant to take the power away from the president and put it back in the hands of U.F.C.

Member of, It was also multinational Corporate activities and its geography location is perfect since it sits in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Since the U.S. lost Vietnam and Cambodia, Indonesia was the most important country in Asia for them to have on their side. When Indonesia wanted to annex East Timor, which was fine with the U.S. The U.S. was the sole provider of ammunition and training for the Indonesian military.

In El Salvador, the El Salvadorans wanted to deviate into a path that the U.S. disagree so the U.S. invested 1million a day into a war to prevent them from their path. The U.S. felt this movement would influence their neighboring...