United States Invaded

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United States Invaded The attack on America has left tremendous effects on the citizens of the U.S. On the morning of September 11,2001, the United States was attacked. Our freedom and security was invaded; thereafter, leaving many dramatic effects amongst the families of the U.S.

Just minutes after both plane crashes in the World Trade Centers, the U.S. put into serious consideration that the attack might be amongst a small group of terrorist. It took no time for America to strike back. America has induced a tremendous amount of pain and sorrow since September 11, 2001.

Many effects have induced a tremendous toll on every family in the U.S. Families especially have induced great amounts of pain knowing they will never say goodbye to their loved ones amongst the attack. Another effect amongst citizens of the U.S. is our security structure. Many people have slowed on a normal life of fun and happiness to stay home which can lead to further problems in the U.S.

such as a recession.

People staying home and not spending everyday money in exchange for fun can cause this. Another large factor is currency in the U.S. The World Trade centers alone cost millions of dollars to build. Let alone the damage done to the streets of New York surrounding the towers. Another effect that the United States citizens have to face is the time. Time is a major factor because it is going to take time for the citizens of the U.S. to move on with only the memories of lost loved ones.