"Was the United States Responsible for the Development of the Cold War"

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Was the United States Responsible For the Development of the Cold War?

The events that led up to the Cold War shows that the Soviet Union, not the United States, was responsible for the development of the Cold War. There were many ideological differences between the two superpowers. The Soviet Union wanted a weak Germany and a communist government. The United States and there allies wanted a democratic government and a strong Germany. The United States was also worried over the Soviet spreading communism throughout Europe. The Soviet Union wanted to produce a world dominated by communism and the USSR. America felt aggressions towards the Soviet for this. These events led to the development of the Cold War.

The Soviet Union wanted to occupy Eastern Europe and eventually set up satellite states to help extend communism toward Italy and France. In 1945, they set up a communist referendum in Bulgaria and seized Hungary and Romania in 1947.

Poland also became communist that same year. In 1948, Czechoslovakia also became communist. When the Soviets expanded into the Balkans, they threatened Greece and Turkey. This led to the United States reacting with the Truman Doctrine. This led to what was called the "Iron Curtain". It divided Europe into communist and non-communist areas. The "Iron Curtain" protected the USSR from immediate attack.

At the end of the Second World War, the USSR, USA, UK and France divided up Germany into four zones. However, the Soviet Union wanted to weaken the German empire while the three allies wanted to build up her economy. This led to the separation of Germany into East and West Germany. In 1946 the three allies unified there zones into one unit, they set up a democratic government, and introduced a new currency called the deutsch...