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My dreams's hand is not far away now

she rises:

a phoenix from the molten spray of demensions

the waking life a forgotten snapshot

burning in an anthology of lies

You can't guide me down to earth

my strings have floated away in the blue

sweet detachment brings me to mindlessness

as the universe forever was, forever will remain

I looked in every direction in a single glance, harnasing the basic power of relativity

I saw god wading the swirling pools of infinity

As our entities merge:

all life rewinds in division

finally melting into the first bacterium of life

then finally melting away into darkness

All things are one on either side of infinity

the seed, the corpse

I saw god split in two, the beings join hands:

a life of balance is a life with constant complementing forces

keeping infinity in check

keeping god's physical presence at bay

Lava flows together beneath the phoenix,

bringing abstract and physical planes crashing as one

the alien with the bulbous white eyes nurses her child within the crater, it remains as indifferent as the fawn drinking fertalizer poisoned water from the crystal lake

Suddenly the unknown plane flashes into action

the lava parts

all is the way it was, forever will not remain;

in understanding the self defeating law

'-All Is In Vain.'