University Community

Essay by Aznmask September 2007

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University is a place where students from different regions come together to study in achieve their goals and dreams. This moment is extremely important for me to recognize my ability in the next four years. I look forward to broadening my views of my future job opportunities as I continue my education at a different university. I believe I can achieve this by gaining knowledge from the U-mass Boston and at the same time reach my goals and dreams.

The university community to me means campus life, extracurricular activities, volunteer clubs, work-study, and co-ops. At a more basic level, university community means the chance to meet new friends and learn from their experiences. University is a central location to get to know each other by joining clubs, and participating in the community. The purpose is because university has academic ceremony in the fall and spring semester is to award those hardworking students through the event.

The club's main purpose is to promote students into gaining more social contact and to meet more new friends. It is another way to get to know the college environment, cultural differences, and seeing how great the university is as a whole.

I originally came from China, and I think that education is very important to me. U-Mass Boston is a well-known college around the area of Greater Boston, where various majors and minor degrees are offered for endless opportunities. The university offers many activities to participate and many job opportunities for my future. One of my respected professors says to me "U-Mass Boston is a remarkable university, if you are thinking about transferring; UMB is definitely one to choose." My family recently opened a business and it has become of my interest to manage the business. My father is the one who sparked my...