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Basic education in Iran is free and available for almost all people, so every one is allowed to go to school. But about the university and higher education the condition is different. Capacity in this level of education is limited. Therefore some student should be chosen by an examination called konkoor in Iran. It is not easy to pass this exam. So every student should have a goal and to reach this goal they should have a correct plan includes some steps such as timetable, study and test. If you want to enter a university you should follow these steps.


Some people think that having a timetable is not important. But it is necessary for every student to make a timetable for himself to use his time completely and correctly. To set out a perfect timetable it is important to pay attention to these points: 1) certain amount of time should be assigned for different lessons depending on the subject.

Assign more for lessons in which your are weak. 2) Find out in which hours of a day you are more active and ready to study. And put the more difficult and important lesson in it. You should use every minutes of a day carefully.


In the second step you should begin to study your books carefully according to your timetable. It is very important for you to study in where there are few distractions with a good light source and comfortable seat. It should be silent and clear. You should concentrate on the subject and change the topic when you get bored. You can take note of your studying and review the notes during the day.


In the next step you should use standard test from a reliable source. you should read the questions...